WE LOVE SURFING at Amar and want you to experience and share our passion for the waves. Our Surf Academy has a structured teaching method that combines theory with lots of hands-on coaching in the waves, video analysis and continuous feedback throughout the course. We aim to give you the best conditions to improve your surfing skills while feeling as at home and comfortable in our surfers paradise as we do. This is why we have created the most complete surf packages and coaching programs. Our certified surf instructors will welcome you with a theory lesson and provide you with the Amar Surfer’s Manual to prepare you for your first lesson in the waves.

As you start to progress we film you and give constructive feedback during a video analysis; it is both fun to see yourself on the board and a great way to improve. We also invite you to visit our partner’s surfboard factory, a true part of Ericeira’s surf history and culture. We finish the week with a slide show of your surfing photos which will be made available for you.