WE LOVE SURFING at Amar and want you to experience and share our passion for the waves. Our Surf Academy has a structured teaching method that combines theory with lots of hands-on coaching in the waves, video analysis and continuous feedback throughout the course. We aim to give you the best conditions to improve your surfing skills while feeling as at home and comfortable in our surfers paradise as we do. This is why we have created the most complete surf packages and coaching programs. Our certified surf instructors will welcome you with a theory lesson and provide you with the Amar Surfer’s Manual to prepare you for your first lesson in the waves.

As you start to progress we film you and give constructive feedback during a video analysis; it is both fun to see yourself on the board and a great way to improve. We also invite you to visit our partner’s surfboard factory, a true part of Ericeira’s surf history and culture. We finish the week with a slide show of your surfing photos which will be made available for you.


Our team consists of well experienced, certified coaches. With their technical and local knowledge they will coach you through surfing in a fun way and taking your performance and amusement to new levels. Being locals also means that they know pretty much everything about our village making them the best suited guides.




Beginner surfer

Never surfed before or wants to improve their basic skills

Intermediate Surfer

Knows how to paddle & stand up, and wants to develop their skills in catching unbroken waves

Advanced Surfer

Knows how to ride the face of the wave


Surf Complete

(9x surf)

From 499€

Our complete package is for surfers wanting to maximize their surf experience. You spend more time in the water to learn and progress faster. If you really want to learn there is no other way.

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Surf Light & Yoga

(5x surf + 4x yoga)

From 449€

It’s well know that yoga revitalizes and rejuvenates your body in ways that will benefit your surfing experience. We teamed up with the best yoga studios in town to provide you this perfect combination.

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Surf Light

(5x surf)

From 389€

Our light package gives you more time to relax and explore other things around. If you are unsure about your fitness level and also want more free time this package is for you.

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We surf mostly at the long beach break of São Julião, one of the most beautiful beaches around Ericeira. We also surf at Praia Do Sul or Praia do Matadouro, two of our closest beaches right in town if the conditions are better there.


It’s well know that yoga revitalizes and rejuvenates your body in ways that will benefit your surfing. This combination made us team up with the best yoga studio in town - Ericeira Yoga Studio -  that offer the best yoga practises with an array of international yoga instructors. Ericeira Yoga Studio is located at a 5min pleasant walk through town from Amar.